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– Identify the people are the decisive factor for sustainable development of enterprises, E-SERVICES was founded by leading experts in the field of Mechanical, Electrical, Automation, Industrial software, Electrical Testing, has work and major contributions from his career in the actual construction.

– Criteria and development goals of the E- SERVICES is: “Creativity – Efficiency – Reliability” and become the best partner of customers.

– E-SERVICES has 04 major product lines, creating harmony, support sustainable development and spirals, which are:

1) is a systems integrator, the authorized dealer of a number of strong brands in the field of electricity – TĐH and manufacturing technologies, such as Phoenix, Rittal, Yokogawa, ABB;

2) Consulting design, renovate technology and provide solutions synchronous control system;

3) Providing Electrical Testing, testing electricity in power plants and industrial, as well as transmission lines and power stations;

4) Production, manufacture and supply products copyrighted sync utility, as dumpers Ministry collapsible canvas, alarm substandard TCVN5500, Ministry of Power soft starter; …

– E-SERVICES has extensive experience in designing, manufacturing, training, installation and maintenance of many power large projects – automation for hydropower plants, thermal power, electrification, substations and lines wire, and other industrial plants such as hydropower Plei- Krong, Buon-Kuop, Daskrong, Hoa Binh, Son La; Pha Lai Thermal Power 1 + 2, Thai Binh, Hai Phong; Phu My electricity; in the Cement field as Nghi Son, Luong Son, Bim Son; Chemical field as Duc Giang plant, Lam Thao plant, …